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Name: Aisu
LJ: [livejournal.com profile] aisuyoukai
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Characters played at Discedo: Giovanni Auditore [[livejournal.com profile] betrayedblade], Balthazar Blake [[livejournal.com profile] arcanacabana], Dante [[livejournal.com profile] devil_hunter_d]

Character's Name: Gabriel, aka the Trickster/Loki
Series: Supernatural
Timeline: Post death.
Canon Resource Link: Wikipedia [simple history] ; Supernatural Wiki [a few more details, plus listed facts like powers and whatnot]
(I’m not particularly fond of either of these because their wording/ordering is a little off in areas, but it gets the general message around so I choose both of them since something is needed to complete the application.)
Also, anything mentioned in Judaic and/or Christian mythology is pretty much included in his background since he is technically the Archangel Gabriel. As well, he may mention stories out of Norse mythology as his official history since he’s been Loki for so long now.
Personality: Gabriel is a complicated mess of a fellow. At first glance Gabriel is nothing but a Trickster with nothing more deep to his persona than a devious mischievousness to him that can be downright scary. As the Norse god of mischief and mayhem he is cunning, tricky, and oft times downright malicious. Living as a pagan god has turned him into a petty, selfish being with little regard to the rules of man, nature, or the divine. He comes off flippant and smug and unfortunately with all that power backing him he can literally get away with murder. The Trickster preys on the high and mighty, the self-centered and haughty people that are, essentially, jerks; he pulls nasty tricks on them in the form of deadly pranks that in his eyes are a form of ‘just desserts’ considering their pompous attitudes and behaviors. Some people survive to learn their lesson and reform their ways, many others do not have that luxury and some are never seen again at all. As Loki, Gabriel is sarcastic, caustic, and snide to a degree of black belt level if there were such a title amongst vicious talkers. He makes a lot of pop-culture references in his arrogant tirades, likes to use nicknames (funny or derogatory, both equally), and is just generally smarmy, sarcastic, and rude. He thinks he is clever (which he usually kind of is in a negative way) and even humorous at all times. If he wasn’t such a jerk he might be entertaining to hang around. He enjoys a luxurious life full of constant sweet foods such as candy bars (it’s a Trickster thing; their metabolism is ridiculously fast; Loki almost always has something sweet to eat in his hand) and lots of sex with beautiful women (typically of his own creation). Basically he is used to living the fast live—which if anything proves he has no respect for hard work and diligence. On the other hand, as a trickster he can be suave and charming and has been shown to be quite the ladies’ man, knowing the ways and hows of getting a real woman to play game with him—he has had a fling with more than one goddess over the thousands of years of his existence.

Beneath the façade of the Trickster lies the true archangel shoved down deep below his new persona. Before he was a pagan god the archangel was devote, loyal to a fault, and loving. When his true identity was revealed Gabriel freely admitted that he loved his brothers very much and that watching them fight each other endlessly drove him crazy. It was too much for him to take and that was why he ran away from Heaven. He loved his brother too much to watch them fight, and even worse to actually fight with any of them. Even after all the fighting and warring, Gabriel admits to Lucifer’s face that he still loves Lucifer, and Michael, despite what they both did. Although he loved them and probably would have preferred to be loyal to them, in the end the archangel decided his loyalty lay with the flawed human beings that he had been living amongst for the past two millennia or so because he thought God was right: humans were better than angels. He liked them because humans tried to be good and they tried to forgive—and because frankly he just liked the innovations they came up with over the years. (Even in his direst moments Gabriel falls back to cheap tricks, modern references, and sarcasm as it has become a permanent part of his personality despite his better nature.) Gabriel hides this vulnerable nature away beneath the arrogance and silver-tongued deceitfulness that he has learned over the years, but it seeps out when he is under pressure or trapped into a formal confrontation. He tries to be arrogant and haughty and smug even in the direst situations but in the end comes off a little lost and uncertain. (Like when Dean points out that he was just hiding from facing his family; Gabriel has no answer to that and is left alone looking like a, pardon the expression, kicked puppy.) He pretends that he doesn’t care but if push comes to shove he reveals that he really does have a sentimental side. (Like when Dean asks him “Why do you care?” and Gabriel responds reluctantly “I don’t…care” but it is clear that he does and he finally relents “what can I say, I’m sentimental.”) Though he acts rough and uncaring, it becomes obvious that in reality he does have a softer side.

Call him a dual-faced Janus, or simply call him Loki—who was known to trick the gods into trouble and then yet with his cunning get them back out of trouble—Gabriel will probably always be a two-sided coin with the chance to flip however he feels one instant and in the next perform an abrupt about-face. But even so he isn’t entirely a bad person; he just doesn’t know how to express anything but his fake guise without feeling weak and vulnerable. And to him that means leaving openings in his self-made armor. He can be charming and tricky one moment but then press the right buttons and he will turn ferocious and angry in the next. (He is particularly emotional when it comes to his family.) Then pretend nothing happened and go right back to being smarmy. He can and will pretend not to care for a long time, until finally something threatens his way and he turns protective over those that mean something to him. He is what he decided to become: the Trickster, Loki, a tricky, capricious, and sarcastic individual with deadly humor; and yet he is still a lonely archangel who is loyal, devoted, and sometimes just a bit lost.

Powers & Abilities: Godmoding. No, literally. Gabriel has long ago set himself up as a pagan god and he has all the powers to go along with it. At will (and usually with a flamboyant snap of his fingers) Gabriel can do anything from drop people into wormholes to forcing people to live through a never-ending timeloop to creating alternate realities to traveling through time to creating anything out of nothing and it being completely real. He can also shapeshift into anything, usually other people whether it’s a preexisting person or something he makes up on his own, but can also technically turn into any living creature as well. He also has a tendency to create copies of himself that he uses to trick people with—especially when hunters or other beings that want to kill him are around—and these copies have (almost) all the powers and capabilities he possesses.

Gabriel also possesses super strength (it can be assumed his hearing is extra acute as well since he seems to listen in on a conversation outside the building he’s in as if the conversationalists were in the same room as him), a powerful version of telekinesis, can disappear and reappear anywhere he wants instantaneously (he can also do this with groups of people, as well as force others to teleport wherever he wants them to without contact; this includes forcing lesser angels to disappear even when they do not want to), can easily handle being in two places at once with full capabilities in both places (though one of him is technically a copy as mentioned), has nearly instantaneous healing (in fact, he cannot die except by being stabbed by an archangel’s holy blade) and can heal others (even from death), and can read minds at will. He can also do things like manipulate a living creature’s composition; change their genetics, give them diseases, break bones without physically touching them, or even take out an organ they need in order to live—and, of course, put it all back again if he so desires. He also has an archangel blade that can kill anything (including angels, cherubs, and other archangels) which he can will in and out of existence whenever he wants. And he Knows things. These are his angelic powers and are much more powerful than any other angel’s because he is an archangel, in fact the third created. Only Michael and Lucifer are more powerful than him, and even so he can hold his own in a fight against them.

List of Characteristics/Powers and Weaknesses of an Archangel.

In other words: there just simply isn’t anything Gabriel can’t do. More or less. >.>;

What items will they be bringing with them? His archangel’s holy blade. Which will act simply as an awkward-looking but normal short sword until his chip is taken out. Seeing as how it was in his gut it seems safe to say the scientists would have zapped it here along with him, only not in his gut anymore. :3

Apartment: Marshall 301-302 (Bedroom next to Japan. Roommates include Denmark, Norway, and Molly.)

Third-Person Sample: Gabriel had been running away for half his life now; it was more than second nature to the archangel--it was his way of living. A millennia of hiding away as a pagan god had changed him from the righteous being he had once been into a petty, self-serving, and over confident creature. Though he loved humans as his Father ordered he held himself above them and punished those that he thought weren't worthy of his Father's admiration. He did this by playing Trickster and giving those that deserved it their just desserts. In that odd way he still kept up his title of prince of justice.

And then one day he'd met his match in a single, determined human: Dean Winchester. The older brother who would play the Righteous Man in the End Game. But he said no. He refused to let Michael wear him as a vessel and he bested Gabriel at his own game of Trickster when the archangel tried to force him into it. Gabriel had no time to be indignant about it though; instead all he could concentrate on was the up-ending guilt from the words told to him that day. He was too afraid to face his family. No guts, no glory. He was just a coward.

Then he ran away again.

Until one of his old-time lovers decided that she wanted to face Lucifer in a winner-take-all battle to the death. Call him sentimental but he couldn't just sit by and watch from the other side of the world while she committed suicide by trying to face his brother. He went there only to save a few beings that actually meant something to him; instead he ended up facing his fears and dying in the process.

But he wasn't so mad at the dying part. In the end he decided it was the best way to go out. He committed assisted suicide. He stood up to his brother while in the end not hurting or, even worse, killing one that he loved. He let Lucifer make the final decision while doing nothing to avoid the only outcome he knew would happen. A coward's way out while pretending to be a hero. At least he was out.

Or so he had thought. A couple of months later he found himself put back together again, wandering down an empty street in an abandoned out-of-way town in the middle of nowhere. He was confused first of all, angry after it had time to sink in. He just wanted to be done.

So maybe this was his punishment for running away and hiding. He had to live all over again. If there was something he was supposed to do--He wasn't talking. Gabriel cursed at Him till his vessel was blue in the face but it did no good. So he just ran away again. Ran off into the world and started up his old pagan ways once again. Chocolate, women, and booze kept him adrift as he roamed from one sinful city to the next. Same old, same old, same old, same...

Then one day he just got tired of it. He was wandering through an old warehouse district when he finally got up the courage to call out to the one brother that he felt wouldn't just stub his noise at him and tell him to shove off. The one brother that wouldn't rub their righteousness in his face.

"Castiel," he called. "Castiel?" And he fell silent, head bowed as he waited with inhuman stillness.

First-Person Sample: Whoooo, boy. And ol’ Luci thought I was slumming it before I wound up in this place. Who the hell did the decorating in this wanna-be hellhole? No, wait, don’t tell me—it’s another post-apocalyptic world with way too few people still hanging around in it. Am I right, or am I right?

[He sighs suddenly and goes a bit more solemn, and in a quieter voice seems to talk more to himself than the device as he continues.]

I guess this is my punishment, huh? A guy can’t run away and expect no punishment when his Father finally gets His hands on him. All right. I’ll play human. I won’t like it, but I’ll give it a good ol’ try. Hey, if I’m lucky—I might even be able to manage to get back up to Heaven, huh? [He laughs humorlessly to himself.]

I hope you’re happy, Dean.


Links: At personal musebox. I thought this one covered a large range of Gabriel’s emotions, though particularly his inner thoughts on how he really feels about the entire war in Heaven thing as opposed to the face he puts on as the Trickster. He’s angry, and a bit petulant, and oddly venerable but with a lot of power—and yet a lot of love that conflicts with his would-be wrath. It also takes place after his death (semi-AU since so far he hasn’t been brought back to life though my fingers are crossed) and therefore reflects the same time period, in essence, that I’ll be taking him from.
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