trickierthanthou: (→when the fox begins to dance)

You're gonna need a lot of luck if you're ever gonna catch the fox.

Let's dance, the hunt is on, you can't put the devil back in his box.

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Name:the Trickster [Gabriel]

It's catch and release,
It's a door with no locks,
And you won't find no peace
When you're chasing the fox,
Now who's hunting who?
Which one sits back and mocks?
I'm promising you
That you won't catch the fox
No you can't catch a fox

lyrics: Fox Hunt

sixwordstories: verses>> application: discedo>> disclaimer: I do not own
[Both muse and mun are over 18 years old.]

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alternate realities, candy, chocolate, deadly pranks, death by trick, just deserts, justice, sweets, teaching lessons, time loops, tricks, wormholes
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