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Verse Name || Where it takes place || Description

Normal || Everywhere/Anywhere || Gabriel is taken from after his death in 5.19 "Hammer of the Gods" and is a resurrected archangel through what can only be assumed God's will though since He didn't make an appearance the answer is technically unknown. (Gabriel assumes it had to be Him under the belief no one else could possibly have the kind of power to bring him back just the way he was before--but even he has his doubts. Mostly: why?) He pretends to be Loki most places he goes, especially since he loves to still hang out with the gods. Avoids angels but sometimes caves and approaches them without tricks. Sometimes uses the name "Skip" around oblivious humans.

Bullet in a Bible [BIAB] || Takes place in the future based on 5.04 "The End" || For Gabriel this doesn't mean much change. In fact, it doesn't mean any change at all for him. The archangel zaps himself in and out of this future at will and retains all of his memories from every other 'normal' occasion of his existence. Oh, and Cas gave him a kitten to take care of. It's name is Cassie.
Played with: [ profile] insouciantmaybe, [ profile] paterelohim, [ profile] slains, [ profile] aintnorain

Obliviousness is Bliss [OIB] || Takes place in/around the college seen in 2.15 "Tall Tales" || Also taking post his death in 5.19, the archangel is back from the dead--with no memories of his previous existence. Brought back, his real nature suppressed and hidden, and stripped of his true memories, he thinks of himself as Gabriel "Skip" Christiansen. A janitor of eight six years at the local college. Just another guy. A mere human. This is what he thinks. Anyone with the right amount of power could Look at him and see his angelic Grace just sitting there, untouched, being unused, and oddly muted in nature. Gabriel is unaware of this, and most certainly cannot--or will not--use his powers. Though he has always healed faster than normal... and he always felt...different... but hey. Doesn't everybody at some point in their life?
He won't recognize anyone inside of this verse. He does have a dog named Fenrir--it came with the name already attached, he says--and calls it "Fenny" for simplicity. He doesn't think anything of his unusually spacious and nicely decorated apartment despite his low paygrade. It just. always was that way. Don't ask.


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