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[From the sound of it the communicator shocks him when he picks it up, but he ignores it.]

What the hell is going on now?

...hey. What ever happened to the reindeer, damnit?

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You know, there's a reason [Dad wiped the dinosaurs out and created you guys out of mud] those creatures were wiped off the face of the planet back home. And I don't remember saving a few--even in one of my pocket dimensions--so you fuck-ups really shouldn't be allowed to mess with time. Or genetics. Either way. You're going to hurt yourselves. Again.

[He gives up on that pointless speech and just shakes his head.]

In other completely unrelated news--HEY REINDEER. What was your name, Lambchop? Rudolph is festive enough, let's go with that. Rudolph the hospital reindeer. Hey, say it with a lisp and it's almost kinda catchy...

I got a proposition for ya.

This chip thing has to go and I hear you're the go-to guy for getting it gone. I do have powers and in return for this little favor I can grant you one wish. Anything you want, buck-o. Name it and it's yours just as soon as you get this funky thing outta me.

So whadda ya say? We got a deal? And if I gotta wait a month I will but sheesh...


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